The Financial advisor business plan we call " The Custom Wealth Architect™ "


The CWA Network is all about relationship management.  It teaches how to do wealth planning work in a manner that separates you from the rest of the industry that is focused on AUM.

We'll teach you everything you need to know about delivering a world-class wealth-planning process to the high net worth market, all at your own pace, no matter where you are in the world. You’ll learn which documents and questions to use, when to use them, and exactly how to deliver a cohesive, thorough planning experience.

Plus, you'll also be able to become a subject matter expert with any of our technical trainings, separate 401K planning process, monthly coaching calls, exclusive special pricing to our live training events and invitations to social groups to communicate and share your ideas and experiences with your fellow financial professionals.

Where you've seen us

The System

Hours of classroom-style high quality video training from John and Michael, co-founders (and themselves users of the Custom Wealth Architect), including countless ready-to-brand client-facing documents, scripts, guides, spreadsheets, templates and much, much more.

Phase 1: Foundation Dialogue

An advisors first meeting with a prospect has only one goal - to get the next meeting. Phase 1 & 2 create a combined approach we call "The Two Step On-Boarding Process". We'll teach you how to determine if your prospect is a good fit and then set the foundation for what your client-advisor relationship will look like. You'll learn the personal and financial goals of your prospective client to begin crafting a Strategic Blueprint to assess their current financial situation. The meeting provides just enough information and raises the right amount of questions, so that prospects naturally want to schedule the next meeting with you. 

Phase 2: Strategic Blueprint

The Strategic Blueprint is first thing that separates the CWA Network from every other financial advisor training system on the planet. Utilizing the prospects financial documents and the goals they presented, you will prepare a plan that shows the scope and depth of your financial planning capabilities & the value you'll bring to them. It will establish why your fees are what they are and you'll feel confident in doing so.

Phase 3: Goals Navigator

All of the tools, systems and processes to guide you through the different client meetings you'll need to master in order to create a comprehensive financial plan is found in the Goals Navigator. 

It consists of the the four focus meetings you will need to conduct in order to create a comprehensive financial plan. It's not one particular course, but the umbrella of which four meetings falls under.

  • Estate Planning Focus
  • Personal and Business Investment Focus
  • Financial Independence Focus
  • Business Exit Focus

Phase 4: Solutions Activator

Having a completed plan is only part of the picture - a plan to implement is just as important! The Solutions Activator is where you and your client discuss and agree upon specific deliverables and their timelines, in alignment with succeeding in their financial plan.

Phase 5: The Custom Wealth Inspection

The CWI is the secret sauce to the planning process and something clients won't find with any advisor who hasn't adopted our methodology! Plans and projections change, so to keep your clients on track with achieving their goals, the Custom Wealth Inspection is an annual review to reflect upon and discuss their progress toward succeeding with their financial plan. 

Upgrade with extra training, unique to you!

Most advisors lament the technical skills to implement much of any planning system. Instead of us simply throwing the kitchen sink at you, pick the extra training you want to round-out your planning practice. You can purchase these individually at any time.

401K Planning System

Secure the future.

Discover the Gold Standard of 401K Planning Systems and learn how to efficiently -- and profitably -- provide DOL friendly plan level advice to 401K plan sponsors.

Today’s 401K specialists need a repeatable process that assures the highest level of care for plan sponsors while generating new prospects and clients. You'll get our Ultimate Proposal Template, which is a proven, nine part proposal template that includes:

  • Unique Process Brochure
  • Plan Objectives Analysis
  • Benchmarking Solutions

...just to name a few, plus hours of video training to show you exactly how to deliver it.

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Become a subject matter expert.

A common complaint we've heard over the last decade from advisors is how they lack the knowledge and confidence to deliver exceptional bonus planning services, especially in the income tax, buy/sell and wills & trusts arenas. 

Throw that doubt out the window and become a subject matter expert in all three and get 3 trainings for the price of 2 for a limited time.

Technical Training 1 - Wills & Trusts
Technical Training 2 - Income Tax Returns
Technical Training 3 - Buy/Sell Agreements


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Pick your price

We offer three payment options to fit any budget! If you purchase before the first Monday of the month, you'll be able to join our closest upcoming coaching call right away!

Single Pay


One Time


3 Pay


Per month for 3 months


6 Pay


Per month for 6 months



Over 15 years ago, John Enright decided to stop doing things "ad hoc" in his planning practice. He was successful, but at great cost to work/life balance by spending 70+ hours a week at the office. He discovered that once systems and processes are put into place and meticulously followed, more time can be spent on building client relationships and delivering true value, instead of worrying about the technical elements of delivering a financial plan. He packaged and started selling the system in 2012 to a pilot group of advisors who were begging him to do so...and the rest is history. 

YES! We have advisors who have adopted the Custom Wealth Inspection process all over the world. In fact, one of our earliest licensees recently won an award in Singapore! Everything we have is compliance-friendly and customizable for your practice. 

The Advisor Academy is your online portal to access all of the training products you have purchased (or, at times, received for free) from us. 

If you work hard at it the first year, you can have 60% of our system running in year one, 90% by year two and 100% by year three. And remember, we have coaching and team calls monthly as part of your membership, so the entire network can help you every step of the way, regardless of how quickly you’re implementing it or not. 

Absolutely! We have three pre-recorded “backstage tours” where we show you EVERYTHING. No surprises.

It's simple. We have 3 membership openings per year. When you're ready to become a member, simply select one of the pricing options above. Once your payment is complete, you'll receive all the information you need to get started right away!

Many of our licensees have their CFP, ChFC, many have earned their CPA or JD and having a designation is helpful but the founder of our system has no designation at all. Don’t get me wrong, he could have any designation and one day when the industry doesn’t have over 150 different designations and has one….like CPA, MD or JD, he’ll obtain it. For most of our licensees, we’d recommend the CFP, or CPA/PFS designation.

It’s $97 a month for access to our systems and monthly coaching call.

Live Education (On Hold Due to COVID-19)

Each year, we hold training sessions to do "deep dives" into how to implement the system into your practice, focusing on technical training you can't get elsewhere. After setting up the theory behind it all, John & Michael will use case studies to illustrate what delivering that plan looks like in action.

Here's just a sample of what we would cover in our education events.

Strategic Blueprint™ & Tax Return Analysis

Review YOUR Strategic Blueprint™ for the clients as well as an in-depth tax return analysis of the past 2 years of client tax returns.

Estate Plan Focus™
Discover the behind the scenes preparation for the Estate Plan Focus™ meeting, as well as how John presents the client-facing pieces.

Investment Focus™ Part I
Discover the behind the scenes preparation for the Investment Focus™ meeting, including the inputs and their corresponding documents, as well as Mutual Fund Analysis and Style Grid by Investment.

Investment Focus™ Part II
John will review the client-facing Investment Focus™ presentation.

Financial Independence Focus™ Part I
Discover the behind the scenes preparation that goes into the Financial Independence Focus™ meeting, including the inputs and their corresponding documents, as well as Social Security and Pension analyses.

Financial Independence Focus™ Part II
John will review the client-facing Financial Independence Focus™ presentation.

Final Plan Delivery
Learn how we construct the final plan as well as how John presents it to the clients in their plan delivery meeting.


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