We've been featured in Advisor Today, FA Magazine, Million Dollar Round Table, PlanPlus Global and much more. 

While that's all well and good, we'll let the advisors who have adopted our system and industry leaders speak for themselves.


"I've looked at and been through almost every major coaching program out there...and this one starts you where everyone else drops you off." 

"These guys give you the tools you can't get from anyone else.

My broker-dealer is really good at showing you how to open and close a sale, but they don't do anything for us in the middle.

This system gives us backup information, checklists, monthly coaching calls that fill in the gaps.

John & Mike are GREAT. They always answer any question that I have. Call them up - they're here for you. I think that's what every advisor wants - someone to answer the questions they have that no one else seems to be able to".

"When I started using the CWA’s Practice Management Blueprint System, I was really concerned that it wouldn't work for my clients...mostly young adults like me, in their 20s and 30s, and they really didn't have any wealth yet.

Today, I have over 35 clients paying an annual fee for the Custom Wealth Inspection, product sales have increased because the system uncovers more areas than I was finding on my own, and I am getting about 4 new prospects calling in to my office every month.

I know it's because other advisors are not delivering the experience that I am, thanks to the CWA planning process".

"The CWA Network has helped me experience increased confidence, value, knowledge and capability. It has been so much easier now and to give you actual evidence, I’ve already exceeded by 50 percent the amount of money I brought in fees from last year to this year alone. So, thank you CWA Network for everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it".

"I would strongly recommend anybody that’s interested in taking care of their clients to a greater degree to look at this system". 

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