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This is the number one place where we separate ourselves from other coaching programs.  If there was only one differentiation, this would be where we'd place all our efforts.  Most advisor training programs encourage you to partner with subject matter experts (SME).  We train advisors to be the SME and know how to expose and fix the gaps and leverage the opportunities in your clients legal documents and tax returns.  This is a monumental differentiation and distinction.  We don't create legal documents, practice law, prepare tax returns or give tax advice.  However, if you aren't trained on what to look for in your clients wills, trusts, buy sell and operating agreements and tax returns, then how would you know an SME from an average practitioner?  

We want you to be able to simply and easily spot areas in your client's planning documents that will GET YOU HIRED!

We have compiled video training from the very best of our technical training live events to show you exactly how to walk your clients through these elements of the planning process. Master them, and you'll be able to get hired by high net worth and business owner clients again and again..

Technical Training Sneak Peek

Training 1: Buy/Sell Agreements

A buy sell agreement isn't needed until it's needed.  Far to often, there are so many gaps and opportunities within the buy sell that if you know what to look for, business owners will hire you based on your knowledge about this document alone.  You'll understand why most documents peg business valuations improperly and how they should be done.  You'll learn all of the triggering events and why missing any one of them could hurt your client.  What to do if the document sets up a last to die wins scenario, and so much more!

Our Buy Sell Agreement training will help guide you through what to look for in your client's document.

In this training, you'll get:

  • Close to 5 hours of video
  • 2 extensive (aka: 40+ page) buy/sell case study examples, which include a variety of checklists for valuations, departure objectives, death or disability of a business partner, ownership structure, transfer of shares, removal & buy out, and much more!
  • Access to our private Facebook group and exclusive invitations to live training sessions

Technical Training 2: Income Tax Returns

This is the mother load of income tax training for financial advisors!  Find us any high net worth or business owner prospect that loves to pay more than their share of taxes.  You won't be able to and that's why we must be great at debriefing and looking for opportunities in our clients tax returns.

Today, many accountants are so busy that they are focused solely on tax return preparation and not on income tax reduction strategies.  That's why it is paramount that income tax reduction strategy training be part of every advisor's game plan.  While other advisors are talking about asset allocation and fees, you'll be talking about things that add real value and will separate you from the competition.

This training will help you to stay top of mind with your clients and the people they should be referring you to today and in the future.

Many CPAs (that are also PFS or CFPs) have gone through this training and felt it filled in gaps they had, because it was focused on tax reduction strategies not just tax preparation techniques.

This training includes:

  • 4 hours of video that covers year end planning, opportunity and income shifting, AMT triggers, exclusions and exemptions and our favorite "4 D" tax strategies.
  • 2 pdf presentation files (70+ pages each) to guide you through every single aspect of the video portion.
  • Access to our private Facebook group and exclusive invites to upcoming live training sessions.

Technical Training 3: Wills & Trusts

HNW and business owner clients will have sophisticated estate planning needs that we must understand so that we can act as the quarterback of their advisory team.  You'll learn to debrief and architect wills and trusts based on your client's individual objectives. 

Nuances in estate planning documents make all the difference, such as:

  • The difference between the words shall and may in a trust. 
  • Understanding how the generation skipping transfer tax (GST) works and why many HNW clients have a huge opportunity in their documents. 
  • We'll dive into why asking what percent of an individuals estate they want to go to their family, taxes and charity is such a powerful question and how to show it in a picture.

Knowing these small nuances portrays you as the SME, and the wealth advisor clients want on their team.  This training has been designed to be used as part of an internal review process of a client’s financial plan, covering wills & trusts, estate distribution, one's residuary estate and more.

This training includes:

  • 3 solid hours of video that includes a practice dissection of a will that you can follow along with
  • An essential wills & trusts internal review checklist you'll need for your meetings
  • A full will and trust debrief guide
  • Access to our private Facebook group and exclusive invites to upcoming live training sessions.

Pick Your Technical Training

Buy all three in a bundle to save $1000, or buy them individually!

Technical Training



Technical Training



Technical Training



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Over 15 years ago, John Enright decided to stop doing things "ad hoc" in his planning practice. He was successful, but at great cost to work/life balance by spending 70+ hours a week at the office. He discovered that once systems and processes are put into place and meticulously followed, more time can be spent on building client relationships and delivering true value, instead of worrying about the technical elements of delivering a financial plan. He packaged and started selling the system in 2012 to a pilot group of advisors who were begging him to do so...and the rest is history. 

YES! We have advisors who have adopted the Custom Wealth Inspection process all over the world. While the details may vary, the deliverable, repeatable skills can be applied anywhere.  

The Advisor Academy is your online portal to access all of the training products you have purchased (or, at times, received for free) from us. 

Many of our licensees have their CFP, ChFC, many have earned their CPA or JD and having a designation is helpful but the founder of our system has no designation at all. Don’t get me wrong, he could have any designation and one day when the industry doesn’t have over 150 different designations and has one….like CPA, MD or JD, he’ll obtain it. For most of our licensees, we’d recommend the CFP, or CPA/PFS designation.


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