Get Hired Webinar - Engage, Convert & Retain Financial Advisor Training

You now know you need to have a 2-step onboarding system to really convert prospects into clients. Now, get this video training to open the door!
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Convert prospects into clients

1 meeting simply isn't enough to onboard a prospect, and we'll explain why and what to do to get that coveted second meeting that so few advisors know how to get.

Value - the missing link

We'll give you a sneak peek into our "blue folder", which creates unrivaled value. Most coaching programs out there don't mention this because they CAN'T teach it. 

Leverage with IQM

We'll show you how to build trust and prove MAXIMUM value for your prospect.

2 free bonus downloads

Get not one, but TWO free bonus downloads (hint: it's about how to expertly prove your value to the client...), valued at $400!

"To give evidence...I’ve already exceeded by 50 percent the amount of money I brought in fees from last year to this year alone. So, thank you CWA Network for everything you’ve done for me."

Kevin Best


Stop wasting time and money re-inventing the wheel with every prospect. Take a look at our time-tested 2-step client onboarding process.

Don't waste another opportunity with HNW and business owner prospects.


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