First Client Meetings & The “R” Factor

When it comes to your first client meeting with a prospect, it can feel a bit like a first date. You’re trying to elicit more information without scaring them off or overwhelming them. And at the same time, they’re feeling you out, too.

While some of your success can boil down to personal rapport with the person, there also are some key steps to take that can increase the likelihood of the first meeting leading to an advisor-client relationship. For starters, it’s important to not be in a rush to know everything about the would-be client the very first time you’re sitting across from each other. You don’t need to know every single one of their objectives, for instance. You just need to know the most important ones.

There are lots of ways to try finding out those objectives, but I think business coach Dan Sullivan uses one of the best ways: the R factor question.

R stands for relationship.

To find out the R factor, you pose this...

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