How To Start A Financial Advisor Apprentice Program

The next generation of financial advisors are eager and ready.  They want to  learn,  contribute and  make a difference.  Most importantly, they want to  join your firm but  they’d  like to be mentored or enter as financial advisor  apprentice, not as I have heard so  many  say, “Thrown to the Wolves”.

Times have changed, the days of the lone wolf gunslinger and cold calling  cowboys is in the  past.  Today, there are over 100 colleges and universities  across the country that offer  undergraduate degrees and over 35 that offer  post-graduate degrees in financial planning.  That’s a far cry  from the self-  study certificate programs that were offered  thirty years ago.

Alfred State’s financial planning program is less than 90 minutes away  from my office and my team consists solely of graduates of their program.  After talking with many of...

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