Of The Essence: The Best Time To Contact A Prospect

How quickly do you contact a prospect? Do you do any web-based prospecting for your practice? Do you have contact forms available on your firm’s website or are you part of an advisor directory like ours or a professional association where consumers can find you? Did you attend a community event and put out contact forms? Do you have a solid referral process in place?

If so, you probably have a database of leads coming in regularly…and how quickly you respond to them will either greatly increase or diminish your chance of success with them. While it may seem reasonable to just keep calling new introductions over and over until they meet with you, common sense (and our own experiences) would tell us otherwise. No one wants to be harassed and have their phones blowing up all day from someone they haven’t even met … even if they came looking for you to begin with.

The key is balance and the strategic use of data.

Though John’s developed an...

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