Create A Cash Flow Analysis in 7 Minutes Or Less

The Bane That Is Personal Expenses

Let’s talk personal expenditures & cash flow. Did you just groan? Don’t worry.

We get it.

If you’re not too excited, it’s probably because you’re using a method that soaks up too much of your valuable time helping clients “crunch numbers”, or plug value-after-value into a spreadsheet. We all can do with one less bland Excel sheet in our lives.

Simple, financial math is just part of our lives as advisors and despite it being such a foundational piece of our careers, it can be downright annoying and stressful.

Really – helping clients figure out what they are spending and where they are spending it is STRESSFUL. It ranks right up there with cold calling (because really, who enjoys that?).

So how would you feel if we could both help you improve your advisor-client relationship AND cut the stress down? (more on that in a bit). What if you never had to use another worksheet EVER AGAIN?

What if we...

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