The Three Types of Financial Advisors

So many articles talk about the “different kind of financial advisors” and they generally focus on fee-structure. That’s all fine and dandy … but our passion within the CWA Network is that we’re focused on helping you create a great client experience. Fee type is really only a small part of it.

Right now, helping you create a great client experience first means shining the light on yourself!

Let’s get right to it & identify your “advisor persona”.


Advisor Type #1: The Implementer

Do you focus a lot on getting new applications? While this isn’t inherently a terrible plan, if left on it’s own, relying solely on building new clientele without following through on their objectives or creating unique strategies for them might not be the best platform for growing your business.


Advisors who start with implementation, and spend the most time on it, just want to get paid and often think...

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