How To Attract Prospects With Your Blog

Prospects, Prospects…

You have an awesome website to attract prospects and build client relationships. You’ve developed an incredible anti-marketing system that works.

Now, you want a blog to really fine-tune the educational aspect of your business.

Getting a blog started is no short task. It is an entire website of it’s own (even if it is nestled in your domain – as it should be). You have to consider making a content calendar (to keep on top of relevant topics and stay relevant for SEO purposes!) and then of course, there’s the actual writing and optimizing of your blog posts themselves.

Whether or not you’ll be writing all the posts, your team will, or a combination of them, there are 5 major subjects you should cover regularly to attract prospects to your business. Show them you “know your stuff” before they even actually speak to you.

Value opportunities are everywhere with the use of a blog!

Planning Processes

This should be a huge “duh” to everyone. Every advisor appreciates the value of an amazing planning process, but clients will see the value of it as well if they understand what they can expect with you before they walk through your door.
While advisors will enjoy a step-by-step explanation of how to overcome client objections or how to prepare a year-end portfolio, prospects will appreciate a step-by-step explanation of how you’re exactly going to reach their goals; what methods you’ll employ, how you will report on it, how you will educate them, etc. Giving prospects a peak through the window will help break down any barriers before you have your first conversation with them!

Politics and Industry

We’re not suggesting to start sharing your personal political opinion on your company blog, but rather to report or share your professional perspective on industry changes that are affected by government policy. Is there a major bill coming up that could somehow affect your affluent clients? Write about it. Did the tax brackets just radically change? Write about it and the implications. Are there new tax breaks? You get the point.
There is a wealth of content available if you keep your eyes on the news. The best part is that by doing so, you will never be hard-pressed to find a topic to write about. Make sure your content plan is flexible to add in time-sensitive pieces (or just add it as a bonus).


Like planning process, this is another huge “duh”. And, like with politics and industry, there’s always something news-worthy to write about when it comes to money. You already know what your niche is interested in – find those financial topics and saturate your blog with them. Write about investing, wealth legacy, risk management, estate planning…the list goes on.

Legacy (Family)

The saying is that money is cold, but we all know the reason people turn to financial investors is often to protect their legacy – their family. They want to set them up for the future, to put money aside for their children’s college funds, or help their parents during retirement. Writing about the warmer side of finances will give prospects an idea of what your business ethics are like and what you (and your team) are like as people (with families and values of their own).

This might seem like a cheesy sales tactic, but it isn’t. It works because we all want to connect with people with similar goals. Having a financial advisor who clearly cares about what is also most important to them will help break down barriers and build a sense of familiarity before they ever sign anything.


It takes money to travel, to shop, to do most (if not all) hobbies one might have. Chances are your niche might have a common thread of hobbies that they share that you can write about regularly. This almost ties in with legacy-family, but the umbrella is wide. If your niche loves European travel, you can write about the best places to go in Europe on a dime (or conversely, the most lavish places to go).

Bonus Tips!

  • Research your niche to find which days they’re most active on social media. Once you’ve determined that, you can set a publishing schedule for your blog posts. Most popular days are Wed-Fri, but this can vary widely!
  • Download a content calendar for free online that will help you organize your ideas and publishing deadlines way in advance!
  • Change whatever you need! We even included a few ideas to get your juices flowing!
  • Do you collect email addresses? Of course you do! If you have a potential client list saved, make sure to send your blog posts in an email “blast” (using a system like MailChimp, for example) at least once a month.

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