Create A Cash Flow Analysis in 7 Minutes Or Less

The Bane That Is Personal Expenses

Let’s talk personal expenditures & cash flow. Did you just groan? Don’t worry.

We get it.

If you’re not too excited, it’s probably because you’re using a method that soaks up too much of your valuable time helping clients “crunch numbers”, or plug value-after-value into a spreadsheet. We all can do with one less bland Excel sheet in our lives.

Simple, financial math is just part of our lives as advisors and despite it being such a foundational piece of our careers, it can be downright annoying and stressful.

Really – helping clients figure out what they are spending and where they are spending it is STRESSFUL. It ranks right up there with cold calling (because really, who enjoys that?).

So how would you feel if we could both help you improve your advisor-client relationship AND cut the stress down? (more on that in a bit). What if you never had to use another worksheet EVER AGAIN?

What if we gave you a solution that would make determining your client’s expenses…

• Quick?
• Easy?
• Fool-proof?

Excited now? Good. You will literally save HOURS of your precious time with our secret, no-nonsense formula.


It’s really THAT SIMPLE! Throw out your spreadsheets.

Explain it to your client this way: If you didn’t save it and it didn’t go towards taxes, then you spent it.

Keep in Mind: This needs some massaging, because their are some expenses (like a mortgage) that ARE NOT lifetime expenses. Other debts and other payments (like a boat or HELOC) should also be pulled out and put into any financial planning software separately.

Not sure how to determine what someone saved? The good news is that is pretty simple, too. Look at the balance of their checking and savings account a year ago, and if the balance is up, then they saved money.

If the balance is down, then they spent more than they earned. For other savings you would have to look at the withdrawals and deposits for any given year in other accounts.

Rinse and repeat this towards other accounts to keep it simple. Eg: retirement savings from an employer sponsored plan (like a 401K or 403B) would be noted on their W2 statement.

A special note on cash flow…

Another important note is that this formula works best with families and individuals who have been working for a number of years and their income has been fairly steady. You could possibly amend it for couples or individuals just starting out, but consider that they might benefit from writing it all into a spreadsheet to help them figure it out and to see it.

If you’re like most of the advisors we have taught this to, you’ll fit it and try to poke holes in it but at the end of the day this works. It’s simple and it’s fast. Master this and you’ll save hours every year figuring out budgets.

Always keep in mind that our goal is to help you deliver more value in less time and make more doing it.

We helped you save some time. Now we’ll help you deliver more value.

Improve your advisor-client relationship

Remember how we asked you how you’d feel if we could help you improve your advisor-client relationship?

Did you know that adding income tax planning to your annual planning services could not only bring in more business, but also strengthen your current client relationships? And did you also know that just over HALF of advisors are doing income tax planning?

It’s true!

In a survey we did about comprehensive planning, 91.43% of advisors included investment planning and 85.71% provided cash flow planning when doing comprehensive planning, BUT only 60% of advisors were providing income tax planning.

YIKES! Huge room for improvement there!

As advisors we know that there are only four strategies that we can use to deal with income taxes.

We use our simple but extremely effective Tax Strategies document to teach clients the four strategies we can work on to help them lower their tax bill today and in the future.


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