The Gold-Standard of 401K Planning Processes

Deliver a world class 401K planning process. You’ll learn how to protect plan fiduciaries from investment concerns, help them comply with all plan documents, applicable laws, and regulations. We'll also teach you  which documents and questions to use, when to use them and exactly how to deliver the whole package. 

While other programs focus on the marketing and then expect that you'll know what to do, this program gives you the technical training and knowledge you need to deliver.

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What's In The Training

Hours of classroom-style high quality video training, including countless client-facing documents, guides, spreadsheets, templates and much, much more.

Course One: Introduction & Conducting the First Meeting

Lesson 1: Creating the initial meeting kit
Lesson 2: Which documents and tools to use and why
Lesson 3: Charging a fee for your time
Lesson 4: Which client documents are needed

Course Two: Protecting Fiduciaries

Lesson 1: Understanding fiduciary risk
Lesson 2: Fees are not the only thing
Lesson 3: Investments really matter
Lesson 4: It's what you don't know that can hurt you

Course Three: How to Conduct a Proper RFP

Lesson 1: It's all about your clients objectives
Lesson 2: Gathering data from the 401K vendors
Lesson 3: Why a blind bid?
Lesson 4: What to ask the vendors

Course Four: Analyzing the 401K Vendors

Lesson 1: How to understand the different fee structures
Lesson 2: Matching their objectives to the right vendor
Lesson 3: Beyond the Fees, 22 point investment analysis
Lesson 4: Delivering the results

Course Five: The Knowledge You'll Need to Be an Expert

Lesson 1: Active versus passive investments
Lesson 2: 401K plan features to understand
Lesson 3: The T chart and target date fund training
Lesson 4: The stuff other advisors miss

Course Six: Implementing and Following an IPS

Lesson 1: Getting the new 401k plan set up
Lesson 2: Designing the perfect investment policy statement
Lesson 3: The IPS checklist - use during the review
Lesson 4: Mastering annual reviews and employee education

When you invest today, you'll receive instant access to:

  • 6 Course Training Videos

  • Process Explanatory Flowchart

  • Ready-to-Brand Editable Client Facing Documents

  • The Compliance Binder

  • Access to our monthly coaching calls every First Monday


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We offer two payment options to fit any budget! If you purchase before the first Monday of the month, you'll be able to join our closest upcoming coaching call right away! A membership access fee of $97 will be billed each month.

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One time cost (membership access fee of $97 begins month 2)


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Per month for 2 months (membership access fee of $97 begins month 3)



Over 15 years ago, John Enright decided to stop doing things "ad hoc" in his planning practice. He was successful, but at great cost to work/life balance by spending 70+ hours a week at the office. He discovered that once systems and processes are put into place and meticulously followed, more time can be spent on building client relationships and delivering true value, instead of worrying about the technical elements of delivering a financial plan. He packaged and started selling the system in 2012 to a pilot group of advisors who were begging him to do so...and the rest is history. 

YES! We have advisors who have adopted the Custom Wealth Inspection process all over the world. In fact, one of our earliest licensees recently won an award in Singapore! Everything we have is compliance-friendly and customizable for your practice. 

The Advisor Academy is your online portal to access all of the training products you have purchased (or, at times, received for free) from us. 

Most advisors who have adopted our 401K Advantage program have fully implemented it within 2-4 weeks.

Many of our licensees have their CFP, ChFC, many have earned their CPA or JD and having a designation is helpful but the founder of our system has no designation at all. Don’t get me wrong, he could have any designation and one day when the industry doesn’t have over 150 different designations and has one….like CPA, MD or JD, he’ll obtain it. For most of our licensees, we’d recommend the CFP, or CPA/PFS designation.

It’s $97 a month for access to our systems and monthly coaching call.


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