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Financial Advisor Business Plans & Coaching For Comprehensive Planners

Get the results you want faster with our time-tested, results-driven five-phase planning process and coaching along the way.

The CWA Network will teach you an innovative approach to the planning process that will give you the confidence you need to charge the planning fees you deserve.

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For Financial Advisors
By Financial Advisors

More referrals means more prospects means more income. It's a simple equation, but the solution can take years of your time and money to figure out. Let us save you both. We've spent 15+ years developing the perfect logistical backbone of what it takes to grow a 7-figure planning business, so you have time to focus on building the relationships that matter.

5 Phase Planning Mastery

The dream of every advisor is a practice that is drowning in referrals. The very nature of our planning process gives you the confidence you need to capture a prospects trust & turn them into a client that stays and raves about you to their friends and family.

A one-stop shop

A comprehensive financial planner knows not just investments, but also wills & trusts, taxes & insurance, etc. We'll teach you how to become your client's one-stop shop by being yours.

Professional coaching

Get two 1-hour calls every month with our coaches! Our financial advisors support each other with tried 'n true wisdom & experience so you don't have to "learn the hard way" (which wastes your valuable money and time)!

"I’ve looked at and been through almost every major coaching program out there and this one starts you where everyone else drops you off. This delivers a true client experience that drives referrals, helps your get introductions and really provides a unique experience to help you build your business."

Greg Desmond
CPA/PFS, CFP® Founder of Desmond Wealth Management and Desmond Consulting Group, Walnut Creek, CA

"There are lots of financial advisors that make over a million dollars a year BUT lots of times they keep their secrets to themselves, they don’t want to share their secrets. But, John does…that’s what makes him so influential. "

Dan Sullivan
Co-Founder, Strategic Coach Toronto, ON

"If you all remember the scene from 'When Harry Met Sally'... at the end of it, the famous quote is, “I want what she’s having,”. I first met John Enright in 2006 and I heard him speak at a company planning forum. I’ve kind of been saying that [quote] since then, when I look at his practice and the type of adviser that he is."

Christopher Dold
CFP®, Lafayette, IN


Ready-to-go templates

High-tech meets high-touch with our ready-to-use, completely customizable client meeting agendas, onboarding checklists, workflow templates, annual review samples and much, much more.

The next-gen solution

If you're training a new advisor (or, are one yourself) you know new challenges exist that didn't burden the past generation of planners. We'll give you the tools to succeed for the Gen XY market. 

Bring order to chaos

Say goodbye to ad-hoc planning! Our system will quickly feel like second nature to you as it remedies your biggest dilemma: trying to expand a practice & doing it profitably.


The templates we offer are completely DOL-safe. Not in the U.S.A? No problem! The templates are focused on the logistics of an advisor practice and aren't specific to any country's laws or regulations. 

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